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>> this is scary. you put your picture in, and you tell them how many drinks you have, and they will calculate how you'll look -- >> truthfully how many drinks you have? >> truthfully. you'll see how your looks erode over the course of years, and it it is frightening. okay. so this is -- >> let's see what you would look like. >> this is what i would look like after ten glasses of wine. >> that looks -- you don't look bad. >> it looks like a crazy mask. >> your mouth is very big and your cheeks are ruddy. >> you still don't look bad. >> what's all the brown discoloration? >> they say your skin gets discolored? >> you just get more foundation. problem solved. >> now it's my turn. >> this is meredith after ten drinks. >> that's very nice. really nice. >> i didn't even get to see it. >> that was a prune. really, really -- you know what, i'm your guest. >> you look really good. >> allegedly you're my guest. >> it's part of a drinking smart campaign. they don't want people to drink too much. a clever idea. >> right.
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>> we're all vain. if we see what we might look like we might drink less. >> were you a smoker? >> i did a little -- my mom doesn't know, but now she does. >> i'm so sorry. >> i did a little, but i don't -- i don't -- >> no smoking? >> you were a smoker, right? >> i was this kind of a smoker, for many, many, many years. >> was it hard to quit that? >> i quit the day i found out i was pregnant with ben, and that was it. >> that was it. >> the day i had ben, i wanted a cigarette, and ben is now 24, and i realize that i'm an addictive personality, and i knew if i had the cigarette, i would go back. >> what are you on now? what's your addiction? you know everybody has something. >> love. love. you know what, i just have to be careful because that's my personality. >> i have a little of that too. there is another study that's out there on road rage. >> right. >> it talks about how when we hit the road, what makes us the most insane when we're driving down a road. what's the most upsetting thing. you guys think about what you think is the most upsetting thing when you're driving. >> most common
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complaints are cutting in and weaving, which i hate too. you know what i hate, people that are being conscientious and driving like 50 miles but they're in the left-hand lane. and they never move. that is equally dangerous. >> yeah, because you're flashing them, and they're not -- [ honking ] >> you don't want to get right up on the back of them. >> i like to pull up and see. i like to make eye contact. i give them stink eye right through the window, and they don't care because it's over. >> i had one thing, and this is terrible, but i was driving to a graduation when i was in new orleans, and i was late. ways so upset. i was trying to floor it. i was supposed to be speaking to the grads. they were waiting. this guy comes in, and i lean on the horn. he is going so slow, and i look at him, and you know what i did? >> what did you do? >> what do you think i did? >> i flipped him off. i was so mad. >> you don't know who -- >> let me tell you who he was. window went down. i looked at him, and he -- >> president obama.
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>> no. no. >> who was it? >> he said to me, do you know mr. early who was the general manager of my station? he's my closest friend. >> did he tell mr. early? >> i bury things and forget about them. that's my philosophy of life. >> did you then run him off the road? >> no. i got to the -- all i could think about during the speech was, oh, my god. i flipped off mr. early's friend. i felt terrible. i don't usually do that, but occasionally it comes out. >> wow. remember you used to go by trucks and they would beep the horn, pull the horn. that doesn't happen anymore. i hate that. i hate that. it's still flu season. >> it is flu season. we're going to play a little flu-related game. >> anna post. great granddaughter of emily post. real etiquette. not a joke. >> here's the thing. i just want to point out before we even start, this is the prize. if you win -- >> this is the prize? >> you get ginger and blueberries and stuff. >> oh, jeez. >> who cares about
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winning now? >> when i did "the view" you got better than that. that's all i could say. >> here's the question. you and your spouse are planning to travel next week, and he thinks he might have the flu. what should he do? a, cancel the plans immediately? b, you go without him? c, wait 24 hours to see how sick he really is? d, run don't walk to the doctor? okay. you already gave us the answer. oh, no. >> i wrote it. i was writing run don't -- i had it. >> run don't walk to the doctor. >> i am up. you're now behind. >> yes, you are. >> question number two. >> okay. >> oh, wait. are they giving all the answers? you meet someone who is clearly sick. they go to shake hands. what do you do? a, quickly turn your head away from them? b, tell them they have some nerve spreading their germs around? c, make eye contact, smile, nod your head? d, go ahead and shake, but wash your hands right away? >> i say d. >> i say c. >> no, d. >> ah!
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>> you just wash your hands. >> you just -- you are leaving them hanging. >> hey, how are you? hey. nice to see you. hey. you're off on that one. okay. >> all right. whatever. >> number three. you want to do number three? >> it's rude to cancel on a host at the last minute, but if you are sick, what should you do? a, cancel anyway? go but don't stay long? go but make sure your hands are washed and you don't touch your face. d, don't go and don't call? they'll figure it out. a. >> a. >> i was writing a. don't act like you're the only one who knew. >> but i was faster. >> the answer is -- >> a. >> cancel anyhow. >> what's the score? >> 2-1. >> okay. >> did i win? >> no. >> i won. i won. >> that was as dumb as -- that was -- >> don't be jealous. all mine. all mine. >> oh, i want the ginger root. >> no, no, you're not taking the root. move on. get over it. get over it. you're not getting it. >> every now and then there's a great little
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piece of video. this is a cute one. this is called -- we're calling it the little drummer boy. this is 11-year-old jonathan corollo, and he has become a youtube sensation. he's from seattle. he likes playing the drums. >> he has been taking lessons for one year only. >> he uses his parents laundry room appliances and obviously not for doing the laundry. let's take a look. ♪ >> that's unbelievable. >> exactly. look how fast his hands are too. >> wait. he is not going to stop. now he's on the top. but in a minute -- oh! >> cool. >> that is totally cool. >> very, very cool. ♪ >> now at this time of the program we do something that we like to call kathie lee's friday funny.
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[ laughing ] >> okay. we get to laugh before you start. i'm doing it. good luck. >> this one is from facebook fan ducello cosio. >> good luck with that. we apologize. >> i'm sorry. is that a woman? i don't know. i'm sorry. >> we're ready. >> okay. here goes. at a wedding party recently someone yelled all the married folks please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living. the bartender was nearly crushed to death. >> oh, nice. >> you could have given me a better one. >> we wanted to keep it short. >> it is time for our girl bobbie thomas. bobbie's buzz. >> hey, girls. >> how are you? >> i'm good. well, thank you. i love the hot pink. >> thank you. >> i have some hot oils. a lot of this has got buzz lately on-line and hollywood. first up essential patches. you know how you put oil to destress or get rid of the headache or fight the flu? these are less messy
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patches, and they will keep the scent longer. they're organic. they give back. an easy way to use the essential oils. >> nice. >> i like that. >> i was so happy you were talking about coconut oil this week, and saying how much you love it. well, in hollywood bloggers on-line talk about nutrition coconut oil capsules are a great way to boost your immune system. during the flu they also help boost your metabolism, which supports weight loss, and they also help with your skin, your hair. >> your hair. >> you don't want to rub all the oil on, you can just use this stuff-- >> you get the softness. >> you get the smell too. >> both. >> now, some other oils that are at the drugstore, guys use shaving oil for their face. in the winter this is a really great product for just $6 that you can pick up. somerset for your legs. you can use shaving oil. two to three drops goes a long way, and your legs are moisturized. you don't have to use as much lotion after. this is a cult favorite. there is a limited edition hair fragrance. it preps your hair
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before you blow dry it and protects it from the wind, and it has oils on the side. you can see it really close. it's really -- i think the smell is what everybody is kind of falling in love with, but it's really great for your hair, and it's not too oily. >> oh. >> of course. >> okay. >> i kept squeezing it. >> what is it, lavender? >> it has chamomile oil. >> for your hair. >> let's ask a fashion question while you're here. look at meredith's cool shoes. they're very fancy. they're pink. they're crazy stilettos. >> i love that. >> i'm noticing she has on panty hose. >> and i notice you have on tights. >> people always say why don't you wear tights or hose? what's the truth? >> i personally -- >> tell me what you think. >> you're so -- >> you're so hot. >> you're so hot, i think that you don't need them. you could just use maybe a toner. i can't believe we're
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saying this. >> that gets prefaced with you're so hot -- you're saying that because then you're going to drop the other. >> i understand that they're an easy practical way to get an even skin tone and be warmer, so they're practical, and i actually couldn't tell, so you did a really great job. i don't like it when you are wearing you are wearing a peek toe, and you let the seam show. >> it is showing. >> ruin my day. >> nice shoes. >> it is time -- all right. this is our johnson's baby of the week announcement. we have big news in conjunction with johnson's baby. ♪ >> we are celebrating new moms everywhere. >> every week we're going to feature your bundle of joy right here on our chat. >> send us in your photo with words of wisdom, and -- >> the birth date and the weight. baby has to be eight weeks or younger. you can't cheat. >> go to it begins next friday, february 1st. everything is on our
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website. >> this is very important. this is the last day for this. remember we were doing that contest ten years later where you take -- >> based on your book. >> remember, you showed us your picture. >> you showed it. i didn't ask for it to be shown. >> oh, that's -- yeah. poor stephan. >> was he your date? >> he was. >> looking great. >> we want you to upload a picture of yourself ten years ago to instagram using the #ten years later. if we pick you, you're going to have a chance to come here and have lunch with me, kathie lee. the contest ends at midnight. look at this guy. at midnight eastern time. >> you know what's interesting, how everybody looks better. >> they do, right? >> they grow into themselves. you think you would look worse, but everybody looks better. >> yeah, they do. you're right. >> could texting and social media put an end to courtship? >> the reality of nondates in the digital age right after this. whatever that means. >> young people are coming on to talk to us. assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire.
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visit how can the dishwasher do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. being asked out on a date is not what it used to be. phone calls have been replaced by emails and texts, and it is not
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always clear if you're truly on a date or just hanging out with a group. >> here's the question, is this the end of courtship? here to help us understand it all is sex and relationship therapist ian kerner. along with some people on the dating scene. debra goldstein, 31-year-old, author of flirtexting, and 2012 cosmo bachelor of the year from new orleans, we should point out, ryan. >> hey, guys. >> hey. >> really "new york times" article about whether -- >> i found it depressing. >> me too. it talks about the end of courtship when a guy would see you and court you and call you. >> actually call you. >> and date. >> i remember being that guy, and i feel like ryan's generation has it a little bit too easy. i remember it was up to the guy. we would have to be the one to call the woman, and you would have to use a phone, and you would dial your number, and then your heart would beat. you know? it somebody going to answer? am i going to get an answering machine? >> if they answer, what do you
2:20 am
do? >> you could hang up because there wasn't caller id. >> he could just text, hey, what's happening? >> times have changed. >> tell us what you guys think. >> when we wrote "flirtexting, and i wrote it with my best friend. we actually grew up dating in your day and age where we did wait for the phone call, and then we noticed guys were texting us and it transitioned, and we thought this isn't slowing down. it's happening. how do we change our game to what's happening? what i discovered is it's really -- it's really -- what's important is sort of teaching somebody how to treat you. if you want him to call you, if you want him to take you seriously and to court you, then you have to create your text messages in a way that puts that out. >> guys are stupid. we don't get that. you know, some guys are going to text regardless. they'll even text just one word. hey. what are you doing? >> ryan, if you want to ask a girl out, okay, you see a girl and think she's cute, how do you do it? i mean, do you text her?
2:21 am
do you say meet us with a group of friends? how do you do it? >> no, i'm not a fan of this hang out dating thing. i think because i want to screen the girl before i go and introduce her to my friends. i think i -- >> what does that mean? how do you screen the girl? >> i like the one-on-one, the face-to-face kind of -- >> you want to physically meet her? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> he's a southern gentleman. >> i'm a southern gentleman. raised by great parents. you know, that's what i was taught to do. texting versus phone calls, it depends on what kind of relationship you have with them preexisting. say i knew them beforehand, i would probably give them a call, but if we just kind of met, you know, through a friend or something, maybe a text, you know, to spur it on, and then a call to confirm. >> let's talk about the scenario and the times. guys texting this girl, and he text her about having a date. clearly uses the word date. she doesn't hear from him all day. 10:30 at night, hello, he texts her and says let's go out with my buddies. >> come over.
2:22 am
>> would you go? >> here's how i feel about that. i think that what's important for the girl to understand if she does go what that's going to set her up for. i've been the girl who says, okay, yeah, sure, i'll go, but i understand what that means. this means that he's not going to put me in the category of i'm going to take her home to meet mom. she's going to be my girlfriend. if i wanted to be his girlfriend, then i wouldn't respond to his text message. i would give him the benefit of the doubt, allow him the opportunity to text me the next day during the daylight, and i would respond back quickly so that he knows this is how i like to be treated, and this is how i want you to set up our relationship. >> ian, what is happening? is this eroding, like, relationships because there's less contact and more group stuff? >> i think social media is putting too much information out there. it's kind of stripping courtship of some of the mystery, and i think all of this texting, social media, internet, it's kind of like a faucet that is always on, and you just have to decide when you're going to turn it off.
2:23 am
i think you have to be able to step outside of the group, and i actually have heard from a lot of people who are going back to phones. they're saying they're going even back to e-mail. >> are you? >> that's going -- >> it makes them stand out from the crowd. if a guy actually calls, he makes an impression. >> exactly. >> i notice that recently when guys ask for my number, i'll give them my e-mail because you're going to be able to actually communicate more through e-mail than you would through a text. >> i haven't got that one yet. >> it allows you to get to know somebody a little bit more because you're not just texting, hey, what are you doing? >> what has been the advantage of all this? is there any? >> well, you know, there was an interesting study that said that you kind of have to go on ten first dates before you really meet somebody who is worth a second date, and i think in an age of social media, in an age of internet dating, maybe it is more of a numbers game, and it's easier to have those ten first dates. >> you just have to realize back then it was sex, drugs, and rock
2:24 am
'n' roll, and then now, you know, hash tag ten years later it's sexting, hanging out and justin bieber. >> ryan, thank you. >> thanks, guys. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> get ready to strut your stuff. >> fast and easy runway beauty tips that will make you stand out in a crowd. but first these messages. but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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that's what every woman needs to turn her new year's resolution into reality. >> we have fun activities that will get you out of the house and play in the cold weather. >> also, backstage beauty secrets and tips that you can use to get the perfect runway model look in an instant. look at mary. >> hoda and i clean up and get the help that we need. >> no. no. >> cleaned out the clutter. >> i don't see it happening. >> it's going to happen after the local news and weather.
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>> we are back on this try day friday. there's more of "today."
2:31 am
the fast and easy tips. >> "in style" beauty editor went backstage at fashion shows to get some of the behind the scenes secrets from the pros. >> hey. how are you? >> hi. >> so you got to see the inner workings. what kind of things did you learn? >> well, i think that the biggest take-away is just how incredibly fast they operate. you know, everything is done in a matter of minutes. they have so many models to get through there, make them look amazing. it's like extreme makeup and hair. >> sure. lips are one of the first things you notice when you look at someone. >> full lips. >> you have some tips for that, huh? >> one of the common mistakes that women make is using a dark lip liner to reshape their lips. one of the great tips we saw backstage at prada they used a white pencil. >> where? >> right on the cupid's bow. you highlight the shape of the lip. it makes them subtly look fuller, and it's more natural than using a dark pencil. >> white? >> i couldn't use a white.
2:32 am
>> she doesn't have -- >> before and after. look at the difference. >> oh, my god. >> it really does look beautiful. >> very easy to do. >> very easy, and in real life you can blend it to make it look more natural. on the runway it's more dramatic. >> pale nails are in right now. they tend to crack and chip. ? crack and chip. they are also sometimes difficult to apply. especially if it's an opaque nude, which is what we've been seeing a lot on the runways. we found this great tip at donna karen. the manicurist applied a matte top coat in between the shades of color. you know, usually you just put it on as a base. this was in between. this helps it go on very smooth so you don't get that streakiness. >> that's clever and smart. what's catherine doing over here? what's happening? >> well, this was a trick that tom pescoe did at marnie. it's for cheeks. he said he learned this trick from his mom, which is just using a few dabs of lipstick -- >> on your cheeks.
2:33 am
>> what's great about this is it's something any woman can do. you're going out on the town, and if you just want to carry one product, use this on your lips, your cheeks. super fast. >> i'm going to ask this. probably a dumb question. do you use the same color that you use on your lips? >> yes, yes. >> you do. >> sometimes you can use it on your lids too. >> all over. >> you would do plum, plum, plum? >> you could. plum. just obviously lighter on the eyes. >> okay. >> now for fly-away hair you have a cool, interesting trick. >> they often do the hair first backstage. so what they'll do is keep it off the face while they're doing the makeup by clipping it in. exactly. what this does is it -- my hands are very slippery. it keeps the hair off the face, so you don't get a dent from the metal. >> oh. >> normally if you are pulling your hair back or putting it in a ponytail, you would get a dent. this is also a great trick for women to use at home if you are doing your makeup. don't want to ruin your hair. keep it out of your face.
2:34 am
>> tools of the trade that you found. this i love. we have one of these. >> this has been a staple backstage for a long time. what's great about it, you can see, it's obviously this egg shape, which is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies in your face. >> they're fantastic on your face. they're great. >> we love that it's now black, so it's not quite -- >> the other thing that makeup artists will often do is take dozens of lipsticks and put them in cases and that way they can mix and match different shades and also have all of their lipstick there. another one that's great for women if they're traveling, you don't have to stick with the lipstick. you can put any makeup in there. throw it in your evening bag. it's an easy way. >> sometimes at the very end you're sticking your pinky in and it's so much smarter. what do we have here? >> this, as i said, it's all about speed backstage. one of the things that we found, very funny, but remarkably effective is an old school fan when they're trying to dry the model's hands. >> that's what they would use? >> they will sit there with a fan. it's also a great trick if are
2:35 am
you doing a cat eye like with a liquid liner. you need a few minutes to dry it, and this is a great thing for women to do at home. >> is it going to start running? >> it will dry it. really quickly. >> same thing. >> thank you, amy. >> all right. we have to admit, the next spot is definitely aimed at us. >> tips for clearing the clutter. >> no hope. l the hammering, driving, writing, nursing, and teaching it took to earn it. so we give you the power to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. our customized interview covers everything from a service member's deployment, to a student's loan interest, right down to a teacher's crayons. you've worked hard to earn your money. we're here to help you keep it. turbotax-- the power to keep what's yours. try it free at i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief.
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all week long we've revealed how completely unorganized we are. we're going to reveal some of meredith's photos from her closet. this is what she took over the weekend. she started to clean out her closet, and then ended up leaving everything out in the hallway, and then we decided it was time to look in our bags, and we were all kind of crazy stuff inside our purses. i had mardi gras beads. amanda, don't judge. a zip lock bag full of god knows what. >> clearly we have an issue. >> we have an issue. >> so here to help us clear the clutter and actually turn our rooms into practical, beautiful spaces is the star of the style network show "the amandas" professional organizer from new
2:40 am
orleans, amanda. >> is there any hope? >> there is hope. i just want to say that -- that's not what most people would consider a purse what you have. it's a travel bag. >> a travel bag. >> it's a backpack, but i use it as a purse, which means it is my purse. >> okay. >> so i took a peek inside, and there are definitely things you can do. these purse organizers, if you have lots of different compartments. the great thing is you put your essentials in there, the things you have to have every day, and then you know at least where those items are, and you can transfer this from purse to purse, so -- >> i have one of those. i've had one of those. >> did it work? >> no. clearly, it did not. >> we'll have to talk. that one is a different type where you can put it around the outside. >> like this, and you fill up the pockets. >> yeah. i just have trouble putting things in pockets. >> you put things in plastic bags and zip locks. you try to organize. you do try. >> amanda. let's look at meredith's closet. it isn't so bad.
2:41 am
>> one of the biggest problems people have with closets is they don't have enough storage, and they have too much in there. a great way to eliminate the problem is to double or triple your storage by adding a great adjustable storage system. this one is from organized living called freedom rail. it's very easy to install. it will double or triple your storage. >> what did you add? this extra layer right here? >> you can give yourself drawers, double hang, shelves for shoes. >> it comes at a cost. >> no, actually, this is a really inexpensive line. >> it is? >> you can start from $150 and go up from there and customize it to your needs. another great organizing tip is you can get a valet rod. you can pull out what you are wearing on the show the next day, hang it, and then get dressed. >> so you go and they'll measure this for you, though, because how do you know? >> yes. you know, there are on-line -- there's a design your own tool at organized living that you can design your own closet. easy steps. you can call one of the dealers and they'll help walk you through the process. >> do you color coordinate things.
2:42 am
is that what's happening? >> it makes it easier to know what you have if all those same type of shirts are together, and you can see what your wardrobe is. it helps to you put things together a little easier and get out the door feeling great. >> look how those purses are stored. that's good, too. >> i could never reach them. >> the shelf dividers help everything to stand up in the piles and not to fall over on each other. >> i like how it looks. i wish i could do it. >> you'll never do it. >> let's go to the bathroom. we're staying in that same vein of getting dressed in the morning. ladies, this is my bathroom drawer. >> really? >> i brought my bathroom drawer. all the toothpaste and the toothbrush, everything has its own compartment. >> this is an insert. >> yeah. when you are getting dressed in the morning, everything is right where you need it. get dressed, put it right back. these compartments, acrylic trays, you can wipe them out with a clorox wipe. the gunk isn't all over the drawer.
2:43 am
the paper we put on the bottom, it's a pretty touch. this is smart for jewelry. mine is always tangled up, and i'm always trying to undo it. >> jewelry and accessories are the last thing we put on and we don't have a lot of time. this is a great way to display your jewelry so that can you accessorize in a quick hurry, and you're not finding one earring or getting a tangled necklace. displays all of your jewelry. >> where do you put this? this is big? >> they come in different sizes. you can make them yourself. hang them on the wall next to a mere or wherever. >> we don't have a lot of time, but let's run through these things. this is how you organize your kid's room. >> it's called a basket. >> the great thing about this is the label on the front. for kids who can't read, you can put pictures and words. >> stuffed animals. >> get them in the habit of picking up. >> it gives them the independence of doing things on their own. >> mail, this is what i need. >> this is going to be critical. so everybody has piles of mail. this is a quick and easy action file where you can pay that mail as it comes in. >> even if you don't have time to look at it. >> you put it in. okay. >> check it later. >> then you come back when you have time. >> that's a great idea. >> last thing is this is for busy moms. organizing kids in the car.
2:44 am
you put everything you want your kids to have access to in the back seat. books, movies, drinks, snacks. when you are on the go, you don't -- you can keep your eye on the road. hands on the steering wheel. >> they can pull out whatever they need. >> great idea. >> are you going back to new orleans for mardi gras? of course, you do. now that we've cleared the clutter it's time to feel the burn. >> we'll show you the essential equipment you'll need to keep your new year's resolution to get fit right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warner. forecast for your saturday, still lingering snowshowers around the great lakes. things are now quiet after a winter storm kahn has moved out of here. still showers lingering around throughout parts of arkansas, louisiana, southeast oklahoma and parts of northeast texas. meanwhile, this is the next weathermaker right here. what's going to be bringing the rain and the snow to the southwest. eventually moving right here potentially causing a bit of an icy situation by sunday.
2:45 am
so for later on you have that cold air in place. these are the daytime highs today. 20s. that's going to be it. see how there's very cold air in place that. system here in the southwest now moves into the midwest. and where you have this purple color, that could be straight ice. dealing with freezing rain a possibility. north of that, we're looking at possibly some snow, maybe some sleet. so stay tuned to the weather channel all day sunday. see how this develops. could end up being a very dangerous situation. power outages a possibility and just getting around could be dangerous. so for sunday those highs eventually getting up to about the freezing mark. and then on monday, this low moves into the great lakes, bringing warm air with it throughout parts of the northeast. you're going to see minneapolis and chicago into the 30s and even 40s now. so we'll see things start to thaw out a bit. on tuesday we're going to have that front draped across parts of the mississippi and ohio valleys bringing some rain. the front pushes through parts
2:46 am
of the southeast on a wednesday. but ahead of it you have some mild air. 60s, 70s, even downright warm throughout parts of florida. and then on thursday some showers lingering throughout parts of the great lakes. upper 30s and lower 40s for the northeast. remember, weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al and stephanie. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended
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aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
2:48 am
if are you finally ready to get healthy and fit this year, we have fun ways to get you started . >> here with the essential equipment to turn your resolution into reality is the fitness editor of "prevention" magazine jenna bergman. >> it's great to be here. >> you have some great gadgets that we need to get our hands on, huh? take to the gym. >> the first item is the gym bot interval timer. interval training is great because you're going to get more results in less time because you will alternate between high intensity burst between moderate
2:49 am
intensity bursts. you can rev up your metabolism and burn more calories. it makes it easy. you can program up to 99 different intervals. it will beep when you change your pace. it's sort of like having your personal trainer. >> they sprint and then they walk, sprint and walk. >> okay. >> these are resistance bands. >> more trainer resistance bands. they're cool for people who are busy on the go. they're super lightweight. you would wrap them around your thigh area so between your hip and knee, and you are going to add resistance to, you know, moves like leg lifts, squats. >> oh, you know like the thigh. >> oh, okay. >> i thought one leg. what about the other? >> it's going to really help you tone and firm up a lot faster. >> is yellow the easiest up to red. >> different resistance levels. >> these are the rage. >> i called that a kettle something. kettle drum. >> kettle bells. this is the empower three in one kettle bells. you can use it at different weights. that would be five pounds. if you keep two on it would be eight and then 12 pounds.
2:50 am
>> what do you do with them? >> you can do all kinds of -- the kettle swing, squats. you're going to burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes. >> you're kidding. >> i don't believe that. >> seriously? >> you'll be sweating in no time. >> really? >> very great. >> careful of your back. >> these are microspikes. they're awesome for anyone who loves to be outside. >> oh, i have snowshoes. those are even better. >> they're super cool. pull them over any boot or sneaker, and, you know, these little spikes on the bottom give you traction when it's icy and snowy out so you can get your walk in. you don't have to worry about slipping and falling and injuring yourself. >> that's clever. very clever. >> super cool. >> $60. >> $60. that's a good thing to have. if you are a walker, these are weight fit cuffs. they're cool. you're going to fit them over your wrist. they have about two pounds of weight. it's just going to add a little more burn, a little bit more sculpting to your walk for your arms. >> why are you putting more on there? >> they're really great. you're not going to even notice that they're there. they really help. >> is this how they're supposed to look? >> you would actually pull this
2:51 am
down. be a little more -- like that. >> do you have these for your legs too? just for the arms? >> just for the arms. swing back and forth. >> sports bras. >> those are important. >> if it's really cold and icy out -- >> don't put on a lot of thermals then. >> these are a type of thermal that are ice breaker sprite leggings and racing back bra. the leggings are over here. they're really thin. they're made with a merino wool blend that will wick sweat away from your body. the last thing you want is to have cotton on and get cold and clammy. you're definitely going to cut your workout short if you are uncomfortable in the cold. >> they're for exercise. >> get one. i can't either. >> they're weighted. >> this is weighted. it's three pounds. it's the cardio core and more. >> get out here where you can get some room. >> i can't do it. >> i can't either. we're doing it. >> what are we doing? >> you're going to get a really great core. >> careful of your back. >> because it's weighted -- >> don't throw it out. don't.
2:52 am
>> try to keep it up a little bit. >> okay. >> these are dangerous. >> this is dangerous. >> you definitely want to do it where you have a wide open space. maybe a little bit more space. it's great. the thing is you can take it apart. >> you can travel with this thing. >> that's great. >> in your luggage. >> that's a great thing. >> it's really cool. you can actually rebuild it so that when there's different -- depending where the weight is. you're going to get different workouts. thank you. >> that's interesting. >> thanks. >> now that we're whipped into shape, it's time to get your kids in on the action. >> fun activities that will get them to go out and play in the cold weather. >> first this is "today" on nbc. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities
2:53 am
while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then find out how to get lunesta for as low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. we can afford to take an extra trip this year.
2:54 am
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2:55 am
well, the colder weather is definitely here making it harder to get your kids to step away from the computer and the tv and go outside and play. >> but even if it's still warm where you are, time to play. contributor meredith sinclair has fun ideas to lure them outside and burn some calories. >> get them outside. >> yes. >> how are you? >> if there's a lot of snow they like to go outside. >> even though it's so cold, 20 minutes outside can really make everybody happy, right? >> this is not your mother's sled. >> no, no. >> this is a collection of my favorite sleds. the first one i'm going to show you are these. these sort of round sleds are walrus sleds. they connect to each other, so you can build that train. ? like a toboggan. >> exactly. $19.99. really affordable. then this is by lucky bombs.
2:56 am
i love the name of these too. these are both by lucky bombs. these are really lightweight. your kids can take them up by themselves, and they're fast, and they are beginning snowboards. they can start to learn to snowboard. >> hop on to the back too. >> snow ball playing is taking on a new meaning with these turbo things you have. >> this is not for little, it is kids. >> they're actually a little safer than your kids going out and beating each other really hard. this is a snowball blaster, and this is a crossbow. we're going to let you try this. >> okay. >> you load it in the front. >> what's great is you can build snowballs. >> oh, okay. >> then just put them in. >> put them in. >> then i say get some targets in your neighborhood. you know, on the trees or the -- >> what is this? >> oh, you know. >> safer. >> the snow. >> wait a minute. >> no, it does -- >> they're more of a lobbing kind of action. i think it's actually safer. >> ow. didn't hurt at all.
2:57 am
>> be careful with those. snowballs can hurt people. >> you can give this a try too. my boys love rc anything. when you take them outside, they get trashed. this is a train twister. it's meant for snow and land and water. you can make it go. it goes -- the bigger -- the harder the terrain, the better. >> that's cool. >> can it go over? >> it will go over. >> you can make it go all kinds of places. >> and on water. >> and the water. >> love it. >> come on. these are adorable. >> you want to get out and take a walk with your kids. this makes it fun. these are snow pods. they make a monster track in the snow. in the sand too in the summer. >> football, it's coming super bowl. flag football is one of our favorite games because no one is getting hurt. this is the training camp set, and i like it because this is small for littler kids, and then, you know, you have to have an outside one. this is the nerf weather blitz. you can throw a mean spiral, and
2:58 am
girls should know how to throw a spiral, too. >> exactly. >> so they're sitting on the couch and you need to get them outside. these are super fun. ogo sports. little minitrampolines. 150 feet up in the air, and it makes catch really fun. what's great is if you buy this this season, it's also great in the pool. and they float. >> i love it. >> they float. >> this is jube, another -- -- >> you have to be careful. >> just launch it. >> look at you. >> awesome. >> all right. >> i think we might have to wrap it up. i'm sorry. here's something great. we want to say good-bye to our good friend meredith vieira. did you have fun? >> i had so much fun. >> i really did. >> love meredith. anyway, kathie lee will be back. looking forward to that on monday. we'll have the stars of "dallas" come to visit us. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> enjoy. >> enjoy. >> have a great weekend. >> l mered jeff: the hit brit girl band the days. >> girls or boys. i don't know where they get it
2:59 am
from. jeff: you already have this life back in the uk. >> world domination. jeff: the new reality show. wow, you girls review quite a bit. and a hot new single. ♪ whatever the weather we will be together ♪ [ applause ] jeff: hello, hello! roll it! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. [ applause ] welcome to the show. you on a bathroom break? yeah? did you lose a seat? that sucks, doesn't it? here. just sit here for a while. sit here right on the edge. just sit here.

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